Golden Peace Hotel - Gulu

Tranquil - Spacious - Swimming Pool - Conference Hall

A New Era for Gulu

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Located in a private environment yet close to the city center Golden Peace Hotel in Gulu is a new chapter in the troubled past of Gulu. Although i have visited on occasion my one week stay with my fiancee who was visiting the country, at the hotel was simply stunning. A blend of modernity and that which is traditional the hotel ambiance allows you remove yourself from a hectic day and places you in a relaxing atmosphere. Emphasis here is on nature: trees, flowers and lots of breezy air.

The rooms and washrooms are very clean and the air in the rooms fresh. Service is good and the staff try to ensure that you have the best experience. No doubt the inevitable ‘blackouts and power outages’ may intrude on your stay but there is a back up as the hotel kept a generator on standby. The dinning area and food are great. If you are ordering off the menu it helps to order 15 or so minutes before you are ready to eat.

I would definitely recommend the hotel. For the modest prices charged from as low as 30dollars its worth it. Bonus the hotel van gets you to town real fast and they even organise airport pick ups.

The environment is great and the gardens the best place to chill. There was no pool, gym and sauna two weeks ago when i was there but the plans for phase II i was assured include these amenities. They offered to take me and my friend to these facilities if i needed to go. Was too busy to take up the offer though

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Osbert Otim May 15, 2010, 3:17 pm

Lovely place to stay in,quiet and no noise.

Good work done

Francis Yon January 6, 2016, 10:49 am

Thanks so much Osbert.

Lisper Ronoh March 12, 2012, 11:13 am

I am very new here in Gulu and having a toddler boy who really loves to play, i was recommended to take him to Acholi inn where i sincererly did not find anything interesting apart from swimming pool. As i was still wondering where else i can be visiting over the weekends,one of my workmate talked of Golden Peace Hotel though she had never been there. I took a risk on a sunday to see what they offer and so far i was happy as well as my family, the place is child friendly,their swimming pool is very good and other facilities like the Gym which is very well equiped, their charges are fair and food very delicious and well presented. The only thing at the moment is may be to improve on the kids facilities as there is nowhere in Gulu having the facilities,also do alot of marketting,let people be aware looks like not many are aware. If you get such jumping casstles,plastic swings and slides would be more convinient to the kids and safe as well,also work on the kids play area compound to be safer while they play.Example is a new place in Kampala Entebbe road where i have equally visited i think it is called kids paradise or something like that near roofings. Well done and upsell more

Efren December 22, 2015, 12:29 am

Jonathan, I have a friend of mine named Samuel who runs an innependedt orphanage of 25 kids in Uganda. He is in desperate need of any kind of training and networking. Maybe he can plug into what your church is doing in Uganda. Do you have a contact I can maybe connect him with? He would be stoked!

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