Golden Peace Hotel - Gulu

Tranquil - Spacious - Swimming Pool - Conference Hall


Total Solar Eclipse 2013

Path of Total Solar Eclipse over Uganda 3rd Nov 2013

Total Solar Eclipse on 3rd November 2013 right over Gulu A total solar eclipse is one of the most beautiful events of the natural world. It is an extraordinary quirk of geometry that the apparent sizes of the Moon and Sun are nearly equal in our sky and when the Moon passes directly between Earth [...]

Visit to Samuel Baker’s Fort at Patiko

The Nile River has attracted explorers, colonial representatives, traders and missionaries to northern Uganda for centuries, providing today’s visitors unique opportunities to explore various forts, historical sites and other points of interest. One of those explorers was Sir Samuel Baker who established a fort at Patiko, 25km north of Gulu (about 45 min drive). Samuel [...]

A New Era for Gulu

Elizabeth Ayot wrote this review of the Golden Peace Hotel on (Link to the Virtual Tourist website) Located in a private environment yet close to the city center Golden Peace Hotel in Gulu is a new chapter in the troubled past of Gulu. Although i have visited on occasion my one week stay with [...]

UIA Investor of the Year Award 2009

Uganda Investment Authority held its 2009 Investor of the year Awards at the Hotel Africana in what was a well organized and colorful Ceremony. Under the theme “Competitiveness Through Science and Technology” the event was held on 22nd January 2010. Fairchild Investments /Golden Peace Hotel, Gulu received an award  for Outstanding Upcountry Investment in the [...]