Golden Peace Hotel - Gulu

Tranquil - Spacious - Swimming Pool - Conference Hall

Tours and Travel

Whether you prefer animals, adventure, people and their culture, bird sighting, camping, or exploring the country on a complete round-trip or combining a trip to Northern Uganda and other parts of Uganda, you are covered! We will tailor your safari to your individual needs, taking your special wishes into account and never lose sight of the smallest details. From the moment you set off, we have taken care of everything. Your accommodation is booked at Golden Peace Hotel, cars, the activities are arranged and your guide will be waiting for you. Let us take you on a journey of discovery through authentic Pearl of Africa!

Book with us and we will handle all your tour planning, arrange vans, tour guides and the rest.

  • Date when the trip ends
  • We will reply as soon as possible.
    All your Information is safe with us, we do not share it out.

For any quick inquiry please call us on +256 (0) 787 488 998