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We are conveniently situated in a quiet location just a little outside Gulu Town Center off the main road to Juba in an enticingly serene natural green environment. Wherever your final destination, whether you are travelling for business or pleasure we guarantee your satisfaction.


Our Promise to You: We know you deserve the best and that is what we shall provide from the time you make your booking to when you head back home or wherever your travels lead you.

swimming pool 1
  • Accommodation
  • Swimming Pool
  • Restaurant
  • Bar
[accommodation_carousel_1 rooms_per_page=”3″ section_title=”Our Rooms” section_content=”Golden Peace Hotel has rooms for all categories of people whether you come as an individual or as a couple. See our rooms below” style=”light” post_limit=”4″ section_intro=”Duis vel nisl lacinia, facilisis leo in, consectetur leon vestibulum facilisis ullamcorper tortor, et placerat mauris tincidunt ut non velit faucibus vestibulum nam a pretium sapien. Nunc quis congue purus nunc feugiat nec purus a ultricies suspendisse in fringilla.”]